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Beef educational content is created by Extension Specialists and Agents daily. Content is normally created, peer reviewed and then pushed for review by each County ANR Agent. If suitable, the content is pushed to the system and users receive links to the content each morning in their notifications on their phone, PC, or other device.

How to Insert a CIDR Device in Beef Cattle

Dr. Les demonstrates the proper method for inserting a CIDR device in a beef female. CIDR devices are used in estrus synchronization and ...Read More

How to Get a Blood Sample from a Beef Animal

Dr. Les demonstrates how to obtain a blood sample from the tail vein in a beef animal. Blood samples can be used to diagnosis pregnancy as ...Read More

How to Palpate Cows for Pregnancy Diagnosis

Dr. Les discusses rectal palpation as a method of determining pregnancy in beef ...Read More

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Must RSVP    subject to cancellation due to weather or low ...Read More


Manageing High Fertilizer Cost  5:30-6:30pm  Friday 16th, 2022 at United Producers Livestock Market Owenton ...Read More

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County ANR Agents are incredible sources of information. These highly trained professionals serve the county beef cattle producers by personal farm visits, organizing county educational programs, and by staying current on all aspects of beef production.

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One method of learning occurs via peer interaction. An important component of X10D is the Connect component which enables users to create and answer posts on any beef-related topic. Each connect group is a closed user group and only beef cattle producers, ANR Agents, veterinarians, and agribusiness owners in your county can participate. Connect can be used to buy or sell items, ask questions to the group, and keep the entire group connected so that neighbors can help neighbors. Set green button link to Connect section landing page.

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Simple easy data collection and management tools have been needed in the beef industry for decades. Current systems are difficult to use and quite expensive. X10D is a web/app interface that enable users to easily collect data needed to guide our business decisions. The old saying “You can’t improve what you don’t measure” not only applies to cattle production but it also applies to our cattle business. This platform allows data collection and reporting in fewer than 10 button pushes and less than 30 seconds. Data collection and management is the first step in the direction of profitability of your operation.

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